Frequently Asked Mulch Questions

Why use Mulch?
  • Many people use mulch for decorative ground cover but don’t realize the extra benefits it provides. Mulch helps retain moisture for the plants and acts as erosion control during heavy rains.  It also provides a natural weed barrier that doesn’t allow sunlight in.  A mulch ground cover keeps temperatures in the soil moderate during the heat of summer, and frost protection for plants in winter.  The best benefit of mulch, however, is the material it provides when it eventually breaks down and enriches the soil.

 Are dyed mulches safe to use?

  • Yes, the mulch is colored with non-toxic iron oxide based dyes that are found naturally in the earth’s surface. It is safe for children, plants and animals.  However, under wet conditions the mulch could leave a slight stain on concrete driveways.  Stone Creek Haven recommends you leave a tarp down for the mulch to be dumped on just to be safe.  The color usually takes a few hours to dry so to avoid color loss mulching should be avoided on rainy damp days.

 How do I set up a delivery?

  • The best way is to call us with a day or two notice. Weekends are usually busy so having your delivery made on a weekday assures you’ll be ready for your weekend project.  In peek summer we deliver Monday through Saturday and can accommodate special requests.

 Do I need to be home for my delivery?

  • No, simply tell us where to dump the material when you call in your order and you can leave a check on the door for payment or we accept master card and visa. You can also place a tarp or bucket where you would like the material dumped.

 Can you always deliver right where I specify?

  • We will place the material as close as possible to your preferred location, unless overhead wires, overhanging buildings or tree branches, or tight alleyways or parked cars prevent this. But for convenience and safety for both parties, we prefer to make deliveries to your driveway, as we are not responsible for incidental property damage or towing of our equipment if the delivery spot is other than the driveway.

 When and how much mulch should I use?

  • Generally the best time to mulch is in the spring to get a good weed barrier down. A 2”-3” top dressing is recommended but a 3”-4” layer is necessary for new areas to aid in moisture retention.  We recommend a light mulching in the spring and another light mulching in the fall to protect perennials for the winter.  Below is a chart to help determine the amount needed, provide us with your measurements and we will help your determine how much is needed.
    • 1 Yard Applied 3” Thick covers 100 Sq Ft (10’ X 10’ area)
    • 1 Yard Applied 2” Thick covers 150 Sq Ft (15’ X 10’ area)
    • 1 Yard Applied 4” Thick covers 75 Sq Ft (15’ X 5’ Area)
    • Playground material is recommended to be placed at 9”-12” thick to help with fall protection.