Tips for choosing landscape stone

#1 Function of Your Landscaped Space

If your home sits on a large lot, you’ll want to use landscape design techniques to build unique “rooms” within the space. A popular example of this is using landscape stone to connect your home’s existing barbecue patio to an outdoor fireplace that’s surrounded by contemporary outdoor furnishings. For this space, you can’t go wrong with flat stone pavers that add a clean, sleek look to your yard.

If you want to use landscape stones to highlight natural features in your yard, you might consider adding lava rock to your design. Lava rock is an excellent material to define and decorate pathways and plant beds. This landscape stone is made from volcano magma and comes in red, black, and brown colors. The volcanic stone protects plants from excessive heat or cold, aids against soil erosion, and effectively blocks weed growth. You can use it to replace gravel on walkways, and it’s also a superior substitute for mulch around prized trees and shrubs.

#2 Yard Size and Configuration

Flagstone, boulders, and river rocks are other types of stones that you can use within your landscape design. Depending on the size and layout of your stones, you can make a small area look more spacious and a sprawling one appear cozier. For instance, installing large flagstone pavers in your yard will make the area feel wider. If you lay down cobblestones or river rocks in your outdoor living area, you can create a more intimate space. Placing natural stone pavers in distinct patterns also adds visual interest. Draw the eyes to a special feature in your yard such as a fire pit, pergola, or water fountain by installing landscape stones in certain sizes and patterns.

#3 Your Home’s Design

You can find landscape stones that look great whether your home has a traditional or contemporary design. Using cobblestones on garden paths that surround a Spanish Revival home adds character to your property. Pair rugged boulders with smooth river rocks to make a home with a minimalist, modern design mesh with its natural surroundings. The contrasting textures of these two stones also make the outdoor space look more appealing.

The Wrap Up

It’s no secret that the right landscaping stones can make yards look well-defined, polished, and elegant. However, these stones should also support the outdoor area’s function. Whether you want to create a winding stone path that leads to a secret garden or carve out a space to plant hearty herbs near your outdoor kitchen, these tips for choosing landscaping stones will help you to achieve your vision.