Getting the most out of your mulch

Prepare to Mulch

While adding mulch is a quick way to bring an orderly look to your landscaping, a little prep work is necessary if you want to achieve the best results. Before spreading a new layer of mulch, trim nearby trees and shrubs, deal with any existing weeds and unwanted growth, and clean out the landscaping bed. Then, use a rake to level out the area. In addition, you may want to consider edging the bed to create a neat, trim line between the bed and its surroundings. Laying the groundwork before you add any mulch to the picture makes it easy to get a neat, smooth application and minimizes the need for future maintenance.

Choose Color

Flowers are far from the only way to add a pop of color and style to your outdoor living spaces. Mulch is available in various rich shades of red, brown, black and gold. and several different textures, and it delivers a striking contrast to grass that helps to draw the eye to your landscaping. With so many options to choose from, finding a landscape mulch that is both practical and beautiful is a cinch.

Apply Landscape Mulch Properly

When used properly mulch offers several practical benefits. It reduces soil erosion, conserves moisture, prevents runoff, hampers weed growth and protects tender roots. Applying too little mulch means that you won’t enjoy the full benefits of the product. Applying too much is wasteful and could create a hiding place for pests. To get the most out of your mulch, be sure to apply it properly. Spread mulch evenly in a layer that is 2-3 inches deep. If necessary, remove some old mulch before applying a new layer to maintain the appropriate thickness. To avoid issues with rot, take care to avoid piling it up against tree trunks, plant stems or foundations.

Use Only Quality Landscape Mulch

Price and value are related concepts, but they are not the same thing. Settling for a bargain mulch may keep the initial price of your project lower, but it can be a costly mistake. Some mulches are contaminated with weed seeds and other undesirable components. Others use problematic dyes or materials. To avoid these headaches, don’t let price be the determining factor in your mulch purchase. Instead, choose quality. Get your mulch from an established company with a reputation for providing top-quality landscaping products and excellent customer service.